Custom Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Cleaning and Maintenance of Avery Dennison Graphics

Avery Dennison Film used for graphics should not be cleaned or washed within the first 48 hours after applications. After this initial period it is recommended to clean the graphics and wraps at least once a month, or more frequently depending on the end-use conditions or user preference.
Conventional cleaning agents and instructions for use.
Avery Dennison films applied as graphics may be cleaned by using conventional automotive
or industrial washing methods. In all cases the prescribed manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed. Special attention should be given to the length of time the film is in contact with the detergent.
This time span should not be longer than the prescribed recommendations. Generally excess detergent should be thoroughly rinsed off.
All cleaning agents shall be diluted following the instructions of the manufacturer. The cleaning solution should not be chemically aggressive: preferably in the range within the mild acid or mild alkaline limits (pH3-11).
Use of solvents and/or abrasive cleaning agents may damage the graphic and should therefore be avoided.
The cleaning procedure is commonly like: – Check if loose dirt particles cover the graphic: in such circumstances flush with ample water to remove (loose particles may scratch the surface at using brush or sponge). A low pressure hose nozzle is suitable for this job.
– The (diluted) detergent solution shall be used to wash the graphic with a microfiber
towel. Do not move solid particles with the towel: these should be rinsed off with a hose supplying water. Wash from the top down so that the dirtiest part is well exposed to detergent. – After all dirt is removed, rinse well so that all detergent residues are removed from the graphic surface.

High Pressure or Power Cleaning
Avery Dennison graphics can also be cleaned with high pressure cleaning equipment,
provided the following conditions are respected:
Maximum pressure : 80 bars (1200 psi)
Maximum water temperature : 70 °C (158 °F)
Minimum nozzle distance : 75 cm (30”) (between graphics and dispenser nozzle).
The dispenser nozzle should preferably be aimed perpendicular to the film or graphics to be cleaned, certainly not angled.
Warning: – Sharp angled power cleaner jets of water may damage the edges of the graphics  and cause delamination.
– High pressure steam cleaning should not be used as the extreme heat can interfere with the adhesion of the film to the substrate.

Removal of difficult contaminants after the conventional
cleaning process:
Most dirt can be removed/ washed off by the methods mentioned in above.
However, some dirt (particles) may stick to the graphic persistently. Typical stubborn dirt, like oil and tar spills, or other road dust, generally require stronger means to remove from the film surface. As stronger dirt removers, such as solvents or solvent containing fluids, may damage a graphic and even a painted surface or non-metallic substrate, we recommend in those cases to use the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Care rather than working with non-sustainable products. Re-start the cleaning and maintenance procedure.