Terms & Conditions


  1. For heavy and/or oversized items there will need to be someone at collection and delivery address to help load and unload.
  2. I only offer a door to door service so items for collection or delivery must be on the ground floor.
  3. I do not assemble or disassemble items for transportation.
  4. I do not carry passengers, animals, hazardous dangerous flammable or illegal items.
  5. Items must be packed or wrapped correctly for transportation.
  6. Your booking is not confirmed until all required information is given.
  7. From January 1st 2021 all jobs must be paid in full in advance.
  8. I do not carry out rubbish removals or recycling.

Children and pets should not be in any area where collections or deliveries are being carried out.
Customers are not permitted to enter the cargo area or cabin area of the van at any time.
Everything for carriage must be packed or wrapped as to not cause harm to the Kildare Service’s driver during loading/unloading or carriage.
Everything for carriage must be packed or wrapped as to not damage the Kildare Service’s van during loading/unloading or carriage.
* All items must be of a weight that can be carried by the driver. If an item requires more than one person to carry please ensure you have someone at the collection address and delivery address capable to help carry the item.
If you carry or help carry items to or from the van you do so at your own risk.
For safety and security the van is fitted with video recording equipment.
Phone calls may be recorded for security purposes.

Full addresses (and eircodes if possible) and phone numbers are required for both collection and drop off points.
Everything for carriage must be accessible. Large/heavy items should be dismantled where possible in order to be carried.
Fridges, washing machines etc must be empty and dry before collection.
Wardrobes, chests of drawers etc must be empty before collection.
Extra charges may apply for items added after you have been quoted.
Any areas or furniture that there is any chance of damage being caused by the collection or delivery should be removed, covered or protected. eg door frames, walls, carpets, hanging pictures etc.
Items to be carried must be packed or wrapped as to not sustain damage during loading, carriage or unloading.
Bagged items should be in durable bags as to not rip or burst during loading, carriage or unloading.
Boxed items should be in durable boxes as to not break or crush during loading, carriage or unloading.
Fragile items such as glass, mirrors, ceramics, electronics etc should be packed accordingly in containers fit for purpose and marked FRAGILE.
 Kildare Services are very careful with the loading, carriage and unloading of your goods but if items are not packed correctly for transportation Kildare Services are not liable for damages.
Items deemed to be incorrectly or unsafely packed may not be carried.
 Kildare Services are not responsible for damages to your goods or property caused by non Kildare Services staff during loading, unloading or carriage.

Any items that cannot be delivered will be returned to the collection address at the expense of the customer.
Kildare Services are not liable for damage or theft of goods left in our vehicle overnight due to failed delivery or unable to return to sender for any reason.
Should goods be left in the vehicle for any period of time after a failed delivery and the vehicle is unable to work due to space or weight limitations because of the customers goods, the customer will be charged accordingly.


* Due to the nature of the work there is always the possibility of delays, we cannot always guarantee an exact time for collection. However, you will be kept updated should there be a delay.


Motorcycles, Quads, Trikes, Mowers or any machine for collection must be mobile and be either able to drive up or be pushed up ramps in to the van.

Machines must be no longer than 8.5 feet, no wider than 4.5 feet and no taller than 4.5 feet and the weight does not exceed 900kg. Quads, Mowers etc must be no wider than 52 inches at the widest wheel/tyre point in order to fit between the wheel arches of the van.

*The value of the machine must not exceed €10,000


The current van in use is a long wheel base mid roof MK7 Ford transit with a maximum carrying weight of 1000KG.
Items exceeding the maximum weight will not be carried.
Cargo area approximate dimensions: HEIGHT 1.6m(64 inches) WIDTH 1.7m (69 inches) LENGTH 3m (118 inches). A total of 8.4m3.

All items to be carried must fit inside the cargo area with all doors closed.
Kildare Services vehicle is well maintained but foreseen breakdowns, punctures or accidents are unavoidable. Should I be unable to make it for your collection you have the option to reschedule or cancel. We make every effort to get back on the road as soon as possible but this is not always suitable to some customers. Under these circumstances you can cancel your booking and a full refund will be given.

Payments can be made with cash, credit/debit card or online payment.
 Kildare Services do not offer credit or account facilities. ALL jobs must be paid in full at time of booking.
Waiting time is charged per hour or part thereof.

COVID-19 Terms & Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions above, the following apply during any COVID19 restrictions or lockdown either localised or national.
Only bookings for contactless collections and deliveries will be accepted during periods of lockdown or restriction (contactless basically means the item(s) for collection must be left in an open area or outside for collection in order to avoid contact)
We will only collect/deliver from persons or businesses who abide by the guidelines or restrictions in place at the time (www.gov.ie)
The driver will be wearing personal protection equipment for collections and deliveries.
Kildare Services Terms and conditions are likely to change to keep inline with guidlines and/or restrictions.
If Kildare Services or the customer have to cancel a booking to abide by guidlines or restrictions a full refund will be given.
In the event of government guidelines not being met at the collection address Kildare Services do not offer a refund and can not make collection.
In the event of guidelines not being met at the delivery address Kildare Services do not offer a refund and item(s) will be returned to collection address.
By booking with Kildare Services you are agreeing to ALL terms and conditions on this page.